Alcohol Filled

Treat yourself to our selection of liqueur-filled chocolate truffles

With a creamy ganache centre and a thick, crisp layer of chocolate, our ganache and alcohol-filled chocolate truffles are hand-made at our Queensland emporium and delicately decorated by our expert team of chocolatiers. Encased in premium dark Belgian chocolate, indulge in our whisky liqueur that offers wonderful bursts of flavour, enjoy our rich and luxurious gin and dark chocolate combination, or bite into our limoncello truffle that offers bitter undertones with bursts of citrus. You’ll love our rum-enriched alcoholic chocolate truffles if you’re a fan of sweet and earthy flavours.

Indulge in our 8-piece grog box — compete with alcohol-filled chocolates

Whether you’re shopping for a gift or looking for decadent liqueur chocolates, our grog box offers a diverse range of liqueurs and truffles to choose from. Each truffle is delicately pressed in a thin crisp of chocolate with sprinkles, swirls, and detailed designs added for a decorative finish. Our grog box includes:

  • Whisky liqueur — A shot of Australian whisky surrounded by a thick and crisp dark chocolate shell and topped with bright blue specks.
    Tia Maria truffle — A light milk chocolate ganache carefully infused with Tia Maria liqueur and hand-rolled in milk chocolate. We dusted the shell in a light layer of pink sugar to finish.
  • Rum & raisin — At the heart of this liqueur filled chocolate truffle is a pump raisin soaked in Bundaberg Rum and surrounded by a smooth layer of rum ganache. This flavourful centre is enclosed in a dark shell of thin and crisp chocolate and topped with a raisin for some added sweetness.
  • Grand Marnier liqueur — Best known for its bitter yet refined orange flavour, every bite of this alcoholic chocolate offers an abundant burst of sweet and citrus notes and is topped with light silver sprinkling.
  • Cointreau truffle — Flavoured with orange Cointreau and encased in a white chocolate shell with a smooth ganache finish.
  • Cherry liqueur — A plump Morello cherry marinated in Kirsch and moulded into a dark chocolate shell that’s topped with a colourful hand piped cherry decoration.
  • Baileys truffle — A delectable blend of silky-smooth milk chocolate ganache flavoured with Baileys liqueur and hand-rolled in milk chocolate. To finish, we added a luxury layer of white filigree.
  • Brandy truffle — Last but not least, the Brandy truffle is a classically smooth ganache that’s enriched with this popular spirit and encased in a thin and crisp layer of dark chocolate.
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