With rich flavours and a creamy feeling that lingers in the mouth, there’s nothing more luxurious than a crisp bite of Belgian white chocolate. Here at Chocolate Country, our expert connoisseurs combine fresh, locally sourced produce with the finest Callebaut chocolate to produce delectable white chocolate blends.

From luxury white chocolate bars that offer a satisfying snap to thick white chocolate hearts that you can personalise with a touching message, explore our selection of Belgian white chocolate to indulge in delectable delights.

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With some creations enriched with dark, crunchy cookies and others topped with freeze-dried raspberry crispies, our luxury white chocolate will impress even the discerning connoisseurs. Indulge in a creamy white Belgian chocolate bar infused with turmeric, cinnamon and a mild chilli warmth that washes over the palate. For those who love a subtle blend of sweet and savoury, look no further than our best-selling white chocolate scented with rose oil. The delectable bar is smothered in crushed pistachios, offering an unexpected yet inviting crunch! If you love nothing more than savouring the classically rich taste of white chocolate, select our pure, milky and ultra-creamy Belgian white chocolate bars.
Looking for a thoughtful and well-considered gift? Select a heart-shaped luxury white chocolate creation that you can personalise by piping a message in thick dark, milk or white chocolate. Whether you want to say ‘I love you’ or ‘Happy Birthday’, the gift of chocolate keeps on giving.

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Explore our artisanal white chocolate offerings online today, and rest assured you’re selecting luxurious delicacies created in-house by our talented chocolatiers. Combining their superior tempering skills with the finest ingredients available to create enriching indulgences, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy an unmatched tasting experience when you shop at Chocolate Country. Whether you’re after a gluten-free white chocolate bar or a decadent and flavoursome Belgian white chocolate heart-shaped creation, we have a no-melt guarantee and offer free local delivery straight to your door on all orders over $100.

Looking for more indulgences? Shop our selection of caramel,dark and milk chocolate offerings, and if you love specific flavours or a rich mixture, you can personalise your order and create your own unique box filled with any chocolates of your choosing.