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Come to chocolate school!

This is the perfect fun, hands on course for chocoholics and serious foodies. It’s not just about the quality ingredients, or using intricate equipment, it’s more about studying the science behind it and understanding the techniques. Our Chocolate Country lessons have been created specifically for chocolate lovers, who wish to acquire delicious insider information.

Our Chocolate Country School is a course with a maximum of 8 people in each class. The course will cover a whole range of techniques that will allow any chocolate lover to fully understand and master how to work with our favorite chocolate. The classes will be held on Saturday’s in our workshops will be held in our own premises, at Montville, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland. If required, accommodation can be arranged too.

What to expect

Our classes are taught by our fully trained master chocolatier, directing the class and demonstrating their chocolate making skills. You will then be expected to get hands-on and be creative, using quality ingredients to master the art of tempering chocolate, dipping, rolling, molding and decorating with the milk, dark and white Belgian couverture chocolate, whichever is your favorite.

Expect to leave your chocolate making lesson with your handmade treats, of course providing you haven’t eaten it all before you depart. You can expect to leave your class with new knowledge and skills ready for you to impress your family and friends.

What’s included? 

Each class can be enjoyed as an individual or book and come along to our workshop with several friends. No previous knowledge or chocolate making experience is necessary. We welcome chocolate lovers of all ages if accompanied by an adult, or over 14 alone.

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