The history of Belgian Chocolate

When you think about luxurious and melt in the mouth chocolate, there is a good chance that you will think of Belgian chocolate. Belgian chocolate is delicious, creamy and a rather indulgent treat that so many of us love to savour.

So what is special about Belgian chocolate? First it is important to understand more about its history.

The origins of Belgian chocolate
The cocoa bean was introduced to Belgium during the 17th century, brought over from South America by Spanish explorers.

After this initial introduction, the Belgians quickly become slightly obsessed with chocolate and began to discover ways that they could create delicious, sweet treats themselves to enjoy whenever they fancied.

Chocolate at this time was a sign of great luxury, used to make an impression on visitors. It was particularly used to make a hot chocolate drink, which was presented to noblemen from countries near and far.

How to make Belgian chocolate
So intense was the love affair between the Belgians and chocolate that a law was created during 1884 to state the correct way to make chocolates so that they could fall within the Belgian chocolate bracket.

This law states that the minimum level of cocoa used is 35% and that low quality alternative fillers are not to be used.

To those making Belgian chocolate, every stage of the process, even down to how the beans are planted is vital and these are monitored to ensure that the best quality is met.

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