Mother’s Day Chocolates

No-one knows your mum like you

You know which chocolates your mum elbows you out of the way for when the lid is off and which ones she bites into. This means you’re best-placed to make her chocolate dreams come true by creating a custom-made Mother’s Day (that’s Sunday May 13, btw!) treat for your mum, with all her favourites.

Each chocolate is hand-made

Chocolate Country makes each and every chocolate by hand and still manages to provide a massive selection of flavours and fillings. This should make it easier to build the best box any mum could want; whether she just wants four delicious Belgian chocolates or 40.

Mother’s Day delivery offer

If you offer more than $100 worth of sweet treats for your ma, then you’ll not only get free delivery throughout the Sunshine Coast, but your present will be hand-delivered – on Mother’s Day – by our staff!

If your mum is watching her figure and you order a smaller gift, then you’ll still only have to pay $5.50, no matter where in Sunshine Coast you are.

Call CC on 54429562 or visit to get your order in.

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