Our Story

The sweetest tale: The Story of Chocolate Country


Our journey started after wandering the isles of the supermarket with cheap chocolate items stacked to the roof for consumption. We believe that the population that has forgotten the true value and taste of this ancient discovery, which was brought to us by ancient People’s who believed cacao was given to them by their gods.  Like the Mayans, they enjoyed the caffeinated kick of hot or cold, spiced chocolate beverages in ornate containers, but they also used cacao beans as currency to buy food and other goods.

Now, we have $1 products, wrapped in cheap tinfoil, with tiny amounts of cacao added, and with numerous preservatives added to make shelf life even longer. This has lead to a product that is unrecognisable from its ancient times equivalent, which was held in such a stem that we now consider giving to our loved ones as a special treat or a token of love.

Here at Chocolate Country, we want to turn the clock back and give our customers the chance to taste chocolate as they remember from childhood. We want it chocolate to be recognised as a flavoursome delicacy, to be enjoyed on your own or with loved ones, knowing it’s coming from a sustainable source. Sustainably sourced cocoa has been produced for by farmers and landowners that are being respected and receive a fair price for their produce, allowing them to feed their families and tend the crops. We aim to offer a delicacy which has passed through the hands of skilled craftspeople and delivered to you to be consumed, knowing that you are tasting chocolate as it was meant to taste.

Julie and Paul Walters, the owners of Chocolate Country, were the people wandering those aisles in the supermarket, wondering what went wrong. So, after arriving in Australia in 2014, they purchased a small chocolate shop in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and set about turning back the clock.

Julie quickly enlisted the skills of Swiss chocolatier Konrad Lezinger to teach her the art of chocolate creation, using only the finest Callebaut chocolate and local ingredients. Paul set about transforming the business from a small retail outlet to a temptation destination.

Now, six years on, we have been delivering a product that not only speaks of past times but has gained recognition from many customers as a truly superior product of outstanding quality.

Julie and her small team of chocolatiers are determined to educate more people of the true taste of chocolate, which is why we are now distributing our products online to a larger audience. We hope to change the public perception of this ancient gift from the gods.

You, the customer, can also be safe in the knowledge that Chocolate Country will give something back. We will make a monetary donation for every product sold, to the farmers who tend these sacred crops, so they and their families can live a healthy and sustainable life. Let’s come together, enjoy, and share a passion for quality Chocolate.

Yours in chocolate,

Paul Walters