Chocolate Bags

Known for its rich quality and high cocoa content, our team of passionate chocolatiers combine the finest Callebaut chocolate with fresh, locally-sourced produce to create a luxurious range of chocolate bags. From the sweet and the savoury to the crunchy and the salty, experience the thrill of luxury delicacies when you select one of our chocolate packs.

Whether you’re searching for moreish milk-coated peanut brittle, freeze-dried strawberries complete with a thick layer of creamy white chocolate, soft rocky road that offers a fruity finish, or a coconut rough with flavours are enhanced by dark chocolate, indulge our chocolate packs to satisfy the sweetest of cravings. For those who love superior flavours combined with careful tempering techniques and high-quality ingredients, you’ll revel in the delights of our ginger chocolate bags that are coated in a thick, mouth-watering milk layer. If you’re a coffee aficionado, there’s no doubt you’ll be eager to select a chocolate pack that includes dark or milk chocolate coated coffee beans.

If you love our chocolate bags, we’ll teach you how to recreate them

If you’re interested in learning how we create our delicious delicacies from scratch, why not consider signing up for a masterclass that’ll help you perfect the art of chocolate making? Led by our renowned chocolatier and her in-house team of experts, you’ll learn how to make truffles during our workshop before indulging in their decadence afterwards. Book online today and enjoy a two-hour learning experience where you can express your creativity and discover how to mix, dip and decorate with a range of chocolate flavours.

Indulge in chocolate packs and mini chocolate packs online today

With a team of renowned chocolatiers who have perfected the art of tempering and are passionate about using premium ingredients to make luxurious delicacies, you can trust that our chocolate bags will have you reaching for another piece with every bite. Just like the chocolate you remember tasting from your childhood, we’re committed to providing our customers with outstanding quality and a delightful tasting experience.

Plus, with a no-melt guarantee and free shipping on all orders over $100, it’s never been easier to treat yourself than with our collection of chocolate packs. While you’re adding our mini chocolate packs to your basket, explore our range of chocolate bars with a satisfying snap, view our wholesale chocolate products and corporate packages, or shop novelty gifts that someone close to you can enjoy while relaxing with a hot cup of tea.