Luxury Chocolate Gift Boxes

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or another important milestone that deserves to be celebrated, a luxury chocolate gift box speaks when words fail to convey how you feel.

Adding sentimental value and redefining memorable moments with a touch of sweetness, our chocolate gift boxes are the ideal present for those who have it all but love nothing more than indulging in rich ganaches, decadent truffles, thick caramels and liquor-infused chocolate balls. Choose from our wide selection of gourmet chocolate gift boxes, or create your own personalised set with the recipient’s favourite flavours.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or showering your significant other in love, choose a large heart-shaped chocolate box that’s delicately infused with our handmade caramel. For those who love a little bit of everything, we offer an artisan chocolate gift box that includes our best-selling chocolate balls — Peanut Crunch, Finger Lime, Orange & Hazelnut and Rum & Raisin. Each bite has its own unique flavour, with some offering hints of liquor and others infused with chewy honey and candied orange ganache.

Vegan-friendly Belgian chocolate gift boxes

If that special someone in your life has rigid dietary requirements, we offer artisan chocolate gift boxes that are full of vegan-friendly, gluten-free truffles. With crunchy undertones of macadamia, coconut, and pistachio, what’s not to love about our plant-based chocolate gift boxes?

Handcrafted with the expert’s special touch

With an experienced team of passionate chocolatiers, we combine unmatched tempering skills with locally sourced ingredients and Callebaut chocolate — known for its rich quality, high cacao content and superb workability — to create luxury chocolate gift boxes. As well as a no-melt guarantee on all deliveries, we’re committed to providing our customers with a memorable tasting experience. That’s why our recipes are carefully created to taste like — and remind you of — the traditional chocolate you enjoyed during childhood.

Celebrate with an artisan chocolate gift box today

Tantalise your taste buds with our gourmet chocolate gift boxes or explore our irresistible collection of wholesale delicacies, chocolate bars, hampers, corporate gifts and novelty packages. You can shop online today and have your gift boxes delivered directly to your door, or pop into our store to treat yourself or a friend to Belgian chocolate gift boxes in a variety of delectable flavours.

If you’re interested in navigating how to perfect the art of chocolate making, sign up for our masterclasses and learn the ins and outs of tempering and truffle making. You’ll enjoy a hands-on experience using various techniques so you can mix, smooth, mould, dip, pipe, sprinkle and decorate with milk, dark and white chocolate variations.