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Featuring the Orange & Hazelnut, Turkish Delight, Raspberry Truffle, Pistachio Pyramid, Coconut Bomb and Vanilla Sundae.

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What's Inside

Dark Turkish Delight Truffle

A rose scented white chocolate ganache studded with pieces of Turkish Delight, hand dipped in Dark chocolate and decorated with a rose petal.

Vanilla Truffle

A smooth chocolate ganache infused with Madagascar vanilla pods, hand rolled in milk chocolate and finished with pink filigree.

Raspberry Truffle

A milk chocolate ganache made from fresh raspberries and Framboise hand dipped in dark chocolate finished with a sprinkle of freeze dried raspberry powder.

Pistachio Pyramid

We make this beautiful green praline using cocoa butter to allow the colour and flavour of pistachios to shine though, it is then piped into a dark chocolate pyramid shell.

Orange & Hazelnut Romano

A chewy honey and candied orange ganache hand dipped in milk chocolate and decorated with candied orange peel and a white chocolate cross

Coconut Truffle

Toasted coconut coats this dark chocolate shell filled with smooth dark chocolate ganache made with coconut cream.