The sweetest tale: COVID can’t hold Chocolate Country back

A local business owner passionate about the true taste of chocolate is putting Montville on the map as her artisan creations make for an unforgettable hinterland experience.

Chocolate Country is well known for being one of the best shops in town and has been drawing sweet tooths to the hinterland since it was purchased by Julie Walters in 2014.

Julie said despite nationwide hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, business had never been better for the chocolate emporium.

“At Chocolate Country, it’s always been our mission to turn back the clock and give our customers the chance to taste chocolate as they remember from childhood,” she said.

“During these difficult times it’s no surprise people are seeking comfort in nostalgic, tasty treats handmade right here on the Sunshine Coast.”

The Master Chocolatier has transformed Chocolate Country from a small retail outlet to a “temptation destination” customers can’t get enough of.

She is determined to not only serve unforgettable, high-quality creations, but to also educate more people on how chocolate should taste.

“Our products really do challenge the modern chocolate bars you find in the supermarket, which are unrecognisable from how chocolate was originally created,” Julie said.

“More and more, people are wanting to support local businesses by buying authentic and sustainably sourced treats using local ingredients.”

Since experiencing strong business growth, Chocolate Country has expanded to a tight-knit team of 10 locally-employed staff members.

Julie, passionate about supporting the hinterland community, said creating sustainable local jobs was a huge priority for the business.

“Montville and the wider Sunshine Coast hinterland welcomed us with open arms and continue to support us on a daily basis,” she said.

“We love being able to give back to our community through creating local jobs and bringing more people to enjoy our beautiful town.”

Julie said the chocolate emporium and sweet treat cafe, located at Main Street, Montville, was the first choice for locals and visitors looking for a Sunshine Coast hinterland experience.

After popular demand, Chocolate Country’s artisan treats are now also sold online, which Mrs Walters said was a popular choice for foodies during lockdowns last year.

Customers can also now master the art of chocolate making themselves, with Chocolate Country’s hands-on workshop. At Chocolate School, customers gain insight into the art of chocolate before creating their very own masterpiece.

For inquiries regarding Chocolate Country and for more information on their products and services, please contact Paul and Julie Walters.

Tel: 5442 9562  Email:

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