Chocolate Truffles

With a velvety smooth ganache centre and a crisp outer layer coated in dark, milk or white chocolate, indulge in our collection of luxury chocolate truffles. Locally made in Montville, Queensland, our expert team of chocolatiers combine years of experience and unmatched artisanal skills to create small batches of bite-sized truffles that will impress even the most discerning critics.

Experience and indulge in our Belgian chocolate truffles

At the heart of our luxury chocolate truffles are Callebaut chocolate — the richest chocolate that’s famed for its high cacao count, smooth texture, decadent flavour and superb workability. Combined with locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality, our in-house team make every truffle from scratch before they carefully pipe intricate detailing onto the exterior with white, milk and dark chocolate. As with all of our gourmet delights, we offer the most delicate Belgian chocolate truffles in a range of flavour combinations.

Indulge in our milk Turkish delights that offer wonderful bursts of flavour. Try our rich and luxurious salted caramel truffles and choose a milk chocolate truffle that’s infused with a hint of saltiness — or select a box of handmade chocolate truffles that offer lingering notes of ginger, hazelnut, peanut crunch and macadamia.

Vegan-friendly handmade chocolate truffles

Whether you’re giving a congratulatory gift or experiencing the wonders of our couverture chocolate for the first time, we hand-make dark chocolate truffles that are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. With a selection of dark pistachio, dark macadamia and dark coconut bomb truffles, our flavourful collection offers a wide selection of plant-based indulgences to choose from.

Master the art of creating chocolate truffles with our chocolatier courses

Once you’ve experienced Chocolate Country’s premium Belgian chocolate truffles, there’s no doubt you’ll want to discover your inner chocolatier and perfect the art of creating quality delicacies. We offer in-person introductory courses to chocolate making along with a four-hour, in-depth tempering and truffle workshop that will cover technical aspects, the science behind tempering and why this sought-after technique is so tricky to master. You’ll leave the class with artistic knowledge and handmade chocolate truffles that you can enjoy with a Callebaut hot chocolate in our lovely garden.

Satisfy your cravings and shop our luxury chocolate truffles today

With an extensive range of sweet, salty and savoury flavours to choose from, you’ll find a box of chocolate truffles in our online store that melts in your mouth with each flavourful bite. Order online today and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $100 and a no-melt guarantee. If you have any questions about our educational courses or our satisfying collection of Belgian chocolate truffles, please call us at (07) 5442 9562.  And while you’re here, explore our range of crisp chocolate bars, chocolate bags, novelty chocolates, and corporate gifts.